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Coach Peggy has a knack for identifying and dissecting a parenting problem until the answer is much clearer to you. She understand parents' concerns -- after all, she is a mom -- and she knows how to get to the core of a problem. She's one of a kind! 
--  Jen Singer, www.MommaSaid.net, the stay-at-home mom's coffee break

Coaching kept me focused on tasks that were important to me and helped to keep my goals alive.  It made the biggest impact in my relationship with my husband at a time when our relationship was really being put to the test.  It gave me the strength, power and focus to have the kind of relationship that I really wanted.  
-- B, Flushing, NY

I benefited a lot from having a coach. Peggy held me accountable for  my promises to myself and her and I knew that if I disappointed her and myself I would feel much worse than just doing the things I said I would. I also felt that having the consistency of speaking every week kept me focused and gave me purpose.  
-- B, New York, NY

For anyone who is considering a person to work on an issue or to create a life you love or to work with someone on a weekly basis, contact her!  
-- M, New Jersey


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