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I'm Peggy Alvarado, CEC, founder and president of Coach Peggy™.   I believe that every person knows exactly what they are on this earth to do.  It simply takes a small look to see what that one thing is that would have us living a blissful and more satisfying life. 

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Professionally, I have over 13 years in the financial industry as a software developer, designer and manager.  I learned many things from my experiences in the corporate environment.  One of the most important is knowing what it takes to get any job done.  People need motivation and what motivates one person may not motivate another.  When I began my career as a coach four years ago, the transition from the corporate world was natural and smooth.  I excelled as a manager in the corporate world because I was being a great coach.

What I offer to you is the ability to accomplish what you want in life.  When we want to do something, we know exactly what we need to do.   But, do we always do it?  Sometimes we do and sometimes we don't.  It's those times that we don't do things that I'm interested in.  And, together we can look at those moments, learn something and be on the road to accomplish what you want.

I love working with people and having them achieve whatever it is they want for themselves.  If I can make a difference in just one person's life, it makes a difference in my life.  You can count on me to bring fun and passion to our interactions.

Please contact me for a free Introductory session to see how coaching can make a difference in your life.

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